Technical Translation

Technical Translation is a very important business process because it describes how the actual product is used.

Whether it is a product user manual, engineering plans or specifications for a tender, the accuracy of the document needs to be perfect, especially when the technical document is being converted to another language. Otherwise the user, meaning your end customer or business partner, can get extremely frustrated, and prefer a more user-friendly product.

We believe that professional technical translation actually helps create better quality positioning of the product and even bolster product sales.

Professional and high quality technical translation helps set your product apart from those of your competitors.

Technical translation of the product to the target audience’s language will significantly boost your sales opportunities since it makes the product more accessible and understandable.

Professional and high quality technical translation lends itself to a better user experience.

BlueLion is an expert at managing all aspects of the technical translation process, provides reliable and accurate translation solutions, and you benefit from the peace of mind and confidence that the technical translation you get will make your customer happy.

Good accurate technical translation enables convenient and safe use of your product. If the language is correct, flowing, and adapted, the user will prefer your product to the competitor’s product!

Technical translation includes a wide variety of materials and content: user manuals, operating instructions, medical opinions, presentations, rules and regulations, work procedures, help files, engineering plans, RFP, RFI, driver’s manual, and more.

You will also be pleased to know that by working with us you will be able to benefit from integrated solutions, so that if we need to prepare the translation for print, we are also experts in DTP solutions, and you will be able to get ready-to-use translated content.