Software Localization

Software Localization does not only entail a verbal translation of the texts from one language to another, but rather an entire process of adapting the content for work in the new language.

This means designing the content according to the language, including translating the titles, dialogue boxes, error notifications, etc. in the best way possible, which requires planning every detail in the process.

Our goal is for you to distribute your software to your customers and to know that all the screen items optimally display the content, just like in the source language.

Software Localization refers to all these and more:

• User interfaces
• Dialogue boxes
• Error notifications
• Help files
• Technical documentation
• Marketing materials
• User manuals

BlueLion has available and professional solutions for the required technical challenges.

We can receive content from you in several formats:

• .xml
• .json
• .PO
• .html
• .resx
• .ini
• .txt
• .xliff
• And more

And you get:

• Support in over 90 languages and local variants
• Management of the language process from start to finish, based on our proven solution for managing localization processes.
• Translation Content Management
• On-demand service, for any size project and schedule requirements
• Working with translators that are selected according to their area of expertise and are in the language’s target country - for language optimization

BlueLion has several years of experience and we would be happy to plan and conduct the work process for you until the final stage - software that works and is adapted in every language.

We can manage your translated content and maintain consistency between various versions of the same product and additional products from the same client, even when they are different parties from the same organization that are sometimes located in different countries.