Professional Document Translation

The corporate world is filled with a variety of industries and areas of expertise.

Software company, industrial company, biotechnology start-up, law firm or medical company - all need documents translated into one language or another. The basic requirement is that the translation is adapted to the user and target audience.

Your customer bases his opinion on the content quality - you won't buy what you don't understand. If the content contains linguistic errors, spelling mistakes and/or terms that are not relevant to the industry - the potential customer is left feeling that the company is not serious or hasn’t invested enough in a product to meets his needs.

Translated content has a phenomenal influence on buying decisions.

A company that invests in professional translation management has a significant competitive advantage to a company that chooses to abstain from localization or that conducts it only partially and sloppily.

For example, if you want to present at an international conference in Europe - you need your catalog and marketing materials to appear in several European languages.

Or perhaps, regulation (of the European Union or the FDA or any other regulatory body) requires that the product that you are importing or exporting must be packaged with instructions for use or operating instructions in different languages.

Or maybe your distributor in the Far East wants the agreements and contracts, along with your financial documents, in his language, as part of the collaboration between you.

Regardless, your business requires professional translation services.

We place an emphasis on:

• The human element - we pride ourselves in working and collaborating with translation talents from Israel and worldwide who are stringently chosen based on their experience, areas of expertise, and knowledge in the specific domain. We follow a very pedantic selection process that includes preliminary screening based on recommendations and proven experience, admission exams, and a gradual integration to our work teams.
Each of our translators brings true value to the translation process, and is entrusted with the most valuable resource of all - your content.

• The technological element - It’s impossible to work in our dynamic world without supporting technologies. Due to tight schedules and our quest for quality content management (and not just to serve as document couriers from one language to another), we are proud to lead technologically, and to use professional work tools that support a wide variety of text formats as a strategic solution (click here for a complete list).
This is how we can, at any given moment, know what your preferred term is, and to analyze the work quantities and distributions and manage the content over time and offer you a Smart Pricing Grid.

• The knowledge element - BlueLion has been an active player in the industry since the early 2000’s. Our services are selected by global firms that trust us to provide them with professional content in any language, and require us to meet the highest standards, which we are happy to offer you.

• Professional expertise - our work teams are selected according to the expertise required from the actual content specs. We provide legal translations for lawyers, technical translations for engineers, medical translations for pharmaceutical professionals, and so on.

• Supplemental solutions - the need for translation often comes with additional content requirements: Do you have a marketing brochure that needs to be sent to a potential customer in Brazil or France? Do you have a user manual for your customers in Russia or Japan? No problem! We can provide you with turn-key language solutions.