Medical Translation

When it comes to medicine, every error regarding diagnosis, prognosis, issuing a prescription, a medical opinion, and in the actual treatment may be disastrous, which is also true for medical document translation services. It’s literally a matter of life or death.

Documents that have been sent for medical translation undergo stringent quality control, while adhering to the required standards in every country; the special translation team includes a combination of local, native speaker doctors, scientific consultants and editors, medical translation specialists, and more.

A sensitive service like medical translation is provided to our customers as part of adapting the service to the required regulation. Informed Consent Forms, medical summaries, medical instrumentation, medical information leaflets, and more - we set up a designated team that includes a translator and editor, and if necessary also an authenticator that reviews the translations and checks the medical accuracy of the content.

Medical document translation is a broad area of expertise, which requires a high level of accuracy and simultaneous awareness of numerous and diverse sensitive elements.

Medical Translation includes:

• Medical reports
• Medical opinions
• Hospitalization summaries / clinical trial protocols
• Patient information leaflets
• Medical equipment documents
• Brochures
• Drug use instructions
• And more...

Individuals, drug and pharmaceutical companies, doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies use medical translation services.

Have a good look in your medicine cabinet. There’s a good chance that the multi-lingual patient information leaflet is a product of our work!

Needless to say, medical confidentiality is strictly protected, according to our information security standards.