Marketing Translation

Translation of marketing content requires more than just knowing the language. It also requires sophistication and knowing how to appeal to readers. This is a critical stage in the product’s success and its penetration to a new market. Motifs that work really well in one language may be meaningless in another language. A translator that specializes in marketing translation is capable of finding the triggers that prompt the readers to action.

Your strategic goals are taken into account during marketing translation. Proper adaptation of content to a global audience creates a clear competitive advantage and increases the return on investment from your marketing efforts.

High quality and proper marketing translation will enable a better match with the target audience, better branding, and will prompt to action.

Marketing translation entails finding quality and flowing language, so that most people will be able to intuitively connect to the product or service.

With BlueLion, you will be able to develop a built-in work process that contains your know-how and expectations - with optimal compatibility with your target audience.

In order to enable a better adaptation of your content, we manage work teams in the target country, along with technological solutions and supplementary work processes to optimize the entire process.

You will also be pleased to know that by working with us you will be able to benefit from integrated solutions, so that if we need to prepare the translation for print, we are also experts in DTP solutions, and you will be able to get ready-to-use translated content.

This service ensures that we manage the process. From the onset of translation to the delivery of the final file. And you benefit from a professional, reliable, and rapid service - without any effort on your part, and without the hassle of coordinating suppliers.