Localization is a much more complex process than regular translation.

The localization process takes into account cultural discrepancies that may be very significant, engineering and technical discrepancies associated with the product and the content platforms, and planning an optimal adaptation of a product or service that is intended for another target audience.

The actual translation is very important from a business aspect, and can greatly influence the bottom line, your sales. Planning the final outcome so that the content is optimally accessible and adapted to the user, that the work processes are as quick and efficient as possible, is extremely important from a business strategy perspective, and can determine the success of your global business activity.

BlueLion understands this, and we offer full localization services, to develop a long-term work process for you that includes localization consulting services for organizations, to develop a language strategy, so that you can get better control of the process and the final outcome.

From our experience and know-how in the industry and in the work processes, the service is comprised of several built-in stages:

- Translation Strategy Management
- Glossary Management
- Translation
- QA
- DTP and post-translation graphic adaptation
- Translation Content Management

As part of the localization service, BlueLion Language Services prepares a customized glossary , which begins a joint work process with coordinated expectations from the start.

We work with top translators that provide results based on proven work processes and integration with advanced technological solutions that enable you quick access to market, a highly efficient process, and financial savings throughout the project.

Before the product goes live in a new language, we conduct testing processes and verify that the product looks flawless in the new language (QA process).

We provide a supplementary advanced DTP solution, so that you can receive your marketing and technical content that is perfectly adapted to print and present in the target language, and the work process is entirely run on advanced technological solutions in a smart, efficient, and cost-effective manner. All of your language packs, including the glossary, are managed by us using the same tools to maintain language uniformity, consistent terminology for all of your content, and to create a Smart Pricing Grid.