Legal Translation

Translation of contracts or legal translation - Why is quality contract translation important?

Your lawyers have worked hard to compile a contract and use professional jargon. They have put a lot of thought into it and it contains solutions that are meant to protect you and your company.

When the need arises to translate the contract to a specific language, the objective is the same: to duplicate the protection, quality, and intent of the contract to the target language.

In cases where you need accurate and uncompromising translation, professional and quality translation work is necessary so that the original intent of the contract is not “lost in translation”. This needs to be done by a suitable translator that is knowledgeable in the relevant subject matter.

BlueLion maintains very high standards by carefully selecting experienced and talented translators from Israel and worldwide, to do the most sensitive jobs.

BlueLion provides a wide variety of legal translations:

• Commercial contracts
• Real estate contracts
• User agreements
• Patents
• Copyright agreements
• Product and professional liability agreements
• Depositions
• Letters of credit
• Licensing documents
• And more

Because people won’t sign what they don’t understand.