Language Translation

Thanks to our language solutions, BlueLion Language Services can offer you translation and language services in over 90 languages and local dialects.

The most prominent of which are:

✓ Hebrew
✓ English
✓ Arabic
✓ Russian
✓ French (France, Canada)
✓ German
✓ Italian
✓ Greek
✓ Turkish
✓ Spanish (Spain, South America, Mexico)
✓ Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal)
✓ Chinese (Traditional, Simplified)
✓ Japanese
✓ Dutch
✓ Northern European languages (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic)
✓ Eastern European languages (Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Macedonian, Czech, Slovenian, and more...)
Additional Asian languages - Tagalog, Hindi, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian
Whatever language you need!