Glossary Management

Language is something dynamic that is constantly changing.

When you use language in business applications - the variety of options for translating a concept, term, or sentence changes, even if it is within the same industry.

Glossary Management is an elegant, simple, and effective solution that enables you to penetrate the market faster and to reduce the percentage of mistakes stemming from translation errors to almost 0%.

BlueLion starts building knowledge right from the beginning; we learn what your requirements and target audience are and adapt ourselves by using a language that is uniquely yours and that we will also use for any future projects we do together.

This is a simple and one-off process: when we receive the documents, we ‘extract’ the most common, critical, and relevant terms to your world of content - and together we find the most accurate translation for you. We are partners in the process, clarify exactly the intent in your wording - and we prevent a waste of time and money later on.

The glossary we compile with you is imported into our work tools as part of the translation content management solution, and every work team that deals with your content will know at any point in time exactly what your preferences, intentions, and expectations are.

With every project, we expand the glossary to include new products and services, and we manage your strategic language for you.