App Translation

BlueLion are experts at localization solutions, including for the mobile apps industry.

Since smartphones entered our lives, a new and exciting app market was born, which enables us to choose what content we want to bring into our lives and define our areas of interest.

Business, email, games, communication or commerce apps - the variety of options is virtually limitless, and developers have to find quality and convenient solutions to adapt cellular applications to local audiences worldwide.

Most of the applications for the various operating systems come with multi-lingual adaptation, but like with software localization, further planning is required to perfectly adapt the content to the target audience you defined in your marketing strategy:

• Update and add-ins management
• Translation that is adapted to top key words
• Translation that is adapted to the current language spoken among the local target audience
• Adapting the translation to screen size limitations
• Convenient, rapid, and on-demand project management
• Consistent terminology on the application, in the product description, and on the website

We can receive content from you in several formats:

• .xml
• .xliff
• .strings
• And more

And you get:

• Support in over 90 languages and local variants
• Management of the language process from start to finish, based on our proven solution for managing localization processes
• Translation Content Management
• On-demand service, for any size project and schedule requirements
• Working with translators that are selected according to their area of expertise and are in the language’s target country - for language optimization

With our professional assistance, you will be able to realize the sales potential of your app, ensure high use, download and share rates, by adapting to the target audience everywhere in the world.