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Business Communication in another language requires a familiarity with the audience: the message is conceived, adapted, and formulated according to the target audience’s sensitivity and expertise, in the same context and point in time.

BlueLion Language Services believes that when communication is clear and accurate, people feel more secure, that they are in good hands and more trusting of the other party.

We believe that integrity is an ultimate value, that transparency and comprehensive service give our clients peace of mind and enable us to provide them with the best solutions for their needs and for the target audience.

At BlueLion, translation and language management is a profession.

We know that words evoke different meaning and emotions. Every word has its own color, and cultural, social, and professional innuendos, and creates communication between you and your target audience.

BlueLion provides turnkey solutions for managing and developing language strategy, out of an understanding that a long term solution that also addresses the organizational aspect of the process is necessary.

Omer Shani, the founder and CEO of BlueLion has a Masters degree in Organizational Consulting and Strategic Development, and has extensive professional experience from the turn of the century in the translation and localization market.

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