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Website Translation

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Document Translation

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Software Localization

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Translation Strategy Management

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In today’s global village, the ability to generate business worldwide requires that your product or service is adapted to various and diverse types of audiences.

This is a complex and difficult task, considering that there are around 6,000 languages spoken around the world - some of which all of us are familiar with, and some of which are rare and exotic.

There are more than 7 billion people (and counting) that use language to communicate around the world, and less than 8% of them are native English speakers. This is an important factor to consider when planning what language your customers can read your content in.

Translation Strategy Management, adapted websites, adapting applications, localization of software interfaces, and reliable translation of professional documents are only a fraction of the solutions that BlueLion Language Services provides its customers with.

Our know-how, experience, and unique solutions allow any company to adapt its professional and business content to its relevant target audience while running a professional and efficient process, coupled with significant savings, over time, for all of the organization’s translation and language requirements.

Our clients benefit from more efficient and accurate work, a quicker turnaround time to live, which translates to better business outcomes and a significant financial savings in the process.

Ultimately, knowing that the product content matches the quality conveys to the target audience that the product or service is trustworthy, and therefore the target audience will prefer it to other competing products.

You will be able to save a great deal of time, have quicker turnaround time to live, and know that the product content matches the product’s quality and conveys to the target audience that the product is trustworthy.

Translation is our basic service. However, we also specialize in localization solutions.

The process of adapting the product and the content to a culture, nature of the audience, type of product, expectations of the target audience, the jargon and technical specifications - is called localization.

We adapt your content so that your customer feels as if it were written especially for him, that the product or service was developed for him - and no less important - you know that your message is being optimally, correctly, and accurately conveyed to serve your business needs.

When we plan a work process for you, we do so with a great deal of knowledge, extensive mastery of the culture and language, using a proven work process and with the clear understanding and knowledge that you trust us, and that we are responsible for conveying your message.

BlueLion supports over 90 languages and local variants, manages the entire process and knows to match the type of professional translators to the required project.

Our areas of expertise include: software localization | website translation | application translation | marketing translation | legal translation | technical translation | professional translation | medical translation, all in a wide variety of languages: Hebrew, Japanese, Arabic, English, Russian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Romanian, and more.

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''People don't buy what they can't understand"

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